Seven Basic Skills for Highly Effective Trainers® DVD

Skills for Highly Effective Trainers DVDThis entertaining video can be used with The Professional Trainer book or independently. The DVD includes the necessary handout and other supporting materials. See samples below.

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57 minutes. © 2005 Arvon Management Services, LLC.

To order, please contact the office by e-mail using the following link. Include your contact information and specify that you are interested in the 7 Skills video.

Video cost: $39.00.

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Key Points of the Video:

  1. Tie the organization’s and individuals’ needs to objectives, tie the objectives to the training process, and tie the training to measures of learning.
  2. Apply the five stage training model of preparation, presentation, demonstration, application, and maintenance.
  3. Recognize adult needs in training design and implementation.
  4. Teach inductively and deductively and know when to do each.
  5. Avoid information overload through appropriate use of stimulus response feedback links and appropriately dividing and sequencing training content.
  6. Get a high level of participation from all trainees.
  7. Develop organizational relationships which will support effective transfer of training.

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