Decision Making and Problem Solving in Management

Decision Making and Problem Solving in ManagementDecision Making and Problem Solving in Management: Tools and Techniques for Managers and Teams, 3rd Ed.
Third edition © 2007 204pp. plus CD $28.95 paperback

Decision making and problem solving play an important part of everyone’s business and personal life. This book can help you carry out these tasks in a logical and orderly fashion.

Written for supervisors and small business managers, as well as students, this text provides over two dozen easy to use tools with specific, step-by-step directions and examples. It will become a well-used addition to your desktop reference library.

Though you will run across many versions of these tools in MBA programs, this book relegates statistical formulae to an appendix, where they can be referenced when needed.

With its light touch and easy-to-follow style, this book can be used for introductory programs on decision making and problem solving, as a supplement to a more general supervision or principles of management course, or simply as a reference for the practicing manager.

Professor Robert Vaughn has taught decision making and problem solving to managers and college students for over twenty years. He is the author of a training program on the topic published by the American Management Association, and has also authored The Professional Trainer: A Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Delivering and Evaluating Training Programs published by Berrett-Koehler.

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To learn more about the decision making processes covered in this book, watch the August 2015 archived Webinar which I presented for HRDQ University. For further information, watch this video.

The book is used by several colleges as a supplemental text for their management program. Over 5,000 copies sold in all 3 editions.

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