This is a miscellaneous collection of handouts on various topics that have been requested by trainees and seminar participants over the past few years. You are welcome to download any of them for your use, as long as appropriate attribution is made.

  • The Big Bird Syndrome – A short article on why training evaluation may be of limited use.
  • Designing Effective Proposals – This handout was created for my training program of the same name, but also works as a stand-alone worksheet since key questions are included in each of the workspaces.
  • Eight Ideas to Improve Your Training – This one page summary is a collection of key ideas for people who are designing a short (one-two hour) training program.
  • Tips for Subject Matter Experts – This is a brief, key points only “train the trainer” summary.
  • Training Effectiveness Case Study – This three part case study was designed for my seminars on program assessment and evaluation. Each part includes the answers to the previous part.
  • Suggested Training & Development Book Collection – This list was created at the request of Dr. Marie Francosky who teaches a Training & Development class using my book at Lake Erie College.
  • Training Professors to be Trainers and Vice Versa – This short article was written for T&D Magazine in 2012. (It was retitled when published.) The key part of this article is an abbreviated table comparing college teaching to organizational training on nine important criteria.
  • Seven Basic Skills For Highly Effective Trainers – This ten page handout is designed to supplement the available video by the same name (see publications page in this website). While it’s not designed to entirely stand alone without the video, it does have a number of useful complete lists and ideas for a professional trainer. These include:
    • Differences between child and adult learning
    • Simple Learning Style models
    • Comparison of Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels to Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • 11 Reasons to Use Subgroups
    • 8 Techniques to get responses from Every Participant
    • And more

Student CD Information for Decision Making Textbook
If you own the Decision Making and Problem Solving in Management book and your computer or other electronic device does not have a CD capability, you may download all information from that CD in pdf format here.

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