The Professional Trainer

The Professional Trainer - BookThe Professional Trainer is written to help anyone who finds themselves in the role of training in an organization. This includes people who are full-time technical or soft-skills trainers, but also the many who do training now and then, as a part of their larger jobs.

This book can be used as a text for a train-the-trainer program, but also as a personal handbook for anyone who manages or conducts training. The suggestions apply to large or small organizations, and for-profit companies as well as government or social agencies.

Perhaps you don’t need to develop a training program from start to finish. You may be doing just a small part of a lesson or are looking to improve an already existing training program. The Professional Trainer can help you here, as well, since the individual chapters largely stand on their own.


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© 2005; 274 pp. $29.95

Or find it on (Be sure to look for the 2nd edition.)

Also available as an e-book.

Professional Trainer

Reviewer’s Comments

"This book, while written for the person who is new to the field of training, contains a number of useful checklists and unique ways of examining topics which even the experienced trainer can appreciate. It's an easy to understand ‘how to’ that would be a useful addition to any trainer's library."

    -- Jack Phillips, Ph.D., Chairman-ROI Institute, Inc.

"Robert Vaughn has thoughtfully covered all bases in his book The Professional Trainer It is truly a book that has something valuable for everyone -- a 'must have' resource for anyone in the industry."

    -- Leslie Yerkes, co-author of 301 Ways to Have Fun
       at Work
and other books.

Its chapters are chock-full of the how-to-do-it guidelines that will give you the confidence and the competence needed to impart new knowledge, skills, and attitudes in your learners. What's more, the writing is well organized and presented in bite-size, easy-to-digest segments that will make your journey an enjoyable one.

    -- Scott B. Parry, Member, HRD Hall of Fame

Help for using The Professional Trainer

If you use The Professional Trainer as part of a train the trainer program, contact Arvon Management Services to purchase the trainer’s support package. For $125, you will receive:

  • An instructor’s manual (approximately 70 pages)
  • Powerpoint with about 20 slides per chapter
  • Handout masters of key points
  • 7 Skills Video
  • 30 day phone or e-mail support

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